Who is the Glasshopper? Does he suck at writing?



Hey Guys!

I want to introduce myself. My name is Johnny, and I’m the Glasshopper. I’m a 26 year old craft beer enthusiast. I am on a journey in life to learn as much as I can, and on that journey I discovered the joys of craft beers. Compared to many, I’m somewhat new to the experience of drinking a beautiful artisan micro/nano brewed IPA, Pilsner, or Stout.

My goal for these little scribblings that I hope you read is to take you into my mind and tell you what I think about the beers, brewers, and any experiences while drinking. I may even throw some recent events or news about the industry, and share some of my thoughts on it.

I love craft beers, facts, learning, comedy (sorry, but there will be puns), and rants. That said, will you laugh after one of my posts? Maybe! Will you walk away learning something from one of my posts? Possibly! Will I mention something that sets off a positive or negative opinion in your mind? Probably. Do I want you to share that positive or negative opinion down below in the comments? Definitely! I’m always open to the chance to grow.

Well, that is me. And as always, if you liked this post, please follow. And if you didn’t, please follow anyway.

Don’t forget to check out my Instagram or Twitter, where you can keep current on all my beerscapades.

The Glasshopper

Instagram: The_Glasshopper

Twitter: The_Glasshopper

E-mail: TheGlasshopperInquiries@Gmail.com


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