Can You Really Brew Good Beer Out of a Tiny Warehouse?


Hey Guys!

If you don’t know what I’m talking about. I’m talking about Tampa’s great Nano-brewery: Three Palms Brewing. It’s actually quite close to me in Brandon, FL. The locality for me definitely adds to my local pride.

But let me stop blabbing and get to my thoughts. This place was a fun time both times I’ve been here.


Very Laid back and relaxed. I did this on my wife and I’s second


Well, you’re in a warehouse, but if you’re a hipster, it’s exactly what you’re looking for. It’s definitely secluded. Enough parking.

Hot Schtuff 7.8% ABV Stout:20150627_194805848_iOS


Caramel and Hops. It’s a deep and complex scent that is quite pronounced.


Dark. A definite stout color. It’s not your normal looking beer. Something about it gives it a very pillowy head and the structure of the beer look is strong. Along with great latticing.

First Taste:

Spice to the tongue from the pepper in it. But the sweet provides a mouth coat. It’s almost like a dessert beer. My wife (SunshineandMint), a fellow blogger, said that it reminded me of those new age artisan chocolates that have habenero or cayenne in a semi-dark chocolates.

After Taste:

I mainly tasted a dull spice of the pepper backing, but it was a great porter. Not the best that I’ve ever drank. But I’m more of a old fashioned stout drinker so it may not be my style, but dang if it isn’t tasty.


Something about the place screams come in and have a beer. There are plenty of beers on tap, and as I showed in the picture. There are fairy lights, and great air conditioning. A/C is really important on this 95 degree (Fahrenheit) day. So the fact that you can be in a nano brewery in a well air conditioned bar room is a great thing. There is a sort of game room that has a few shelves of games. As a matter of fact, on my first trip here, my wife and I played Battleship. This time, we watched the Women’s World Cup game (Australia Vs. Japan) while another couple played Yahtzee next to us. Just to not leave anything out, they are starting the obligatory bar Team Trivia on 7/9/15. So we will be checking that out.

Final Word:

I would give this place a 3/5, and the beer 2.5/5. As for this place, it could definitely use a bit more advertising and the location could use improvement. But there are many redeeming values to this place. It’s actually a great atmosphere, and the people are fun and friendly. As for the beer, it’s a great and flavorful stout. For my palate, I’d like the spice to be pulled back a tiny bit, but it can really grow on you quickly. So I’ll definitely be coming back here, but I’ll most likely be getting to something else.

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